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WhatsApp Web | What is website whatsapp web.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp Web is a feature created by WhatsApp itself and through this you
can use your mobile’s WhatsApp in your computer and if you want to use the
same WhatsApp in any other mobile, then you can also do it through
WhatsApp Web.

How To use WhatsApp Web through the website whatsapp

To use whats app in the computer through the website, whats app has created its
own website, so if you do not have any security problem, then you know which website
is that and how to use whats app in it.

Follow thease Steps :

Step 1 :-

First of all, you have to open the Web.WhatsApp.Com website on your computer’s
browser and you can also open the website by clicking on the Open
Website below.


Step 2 :-

After the website whatsapp web is open, you will have a page open like the photo below,
in it you will keep clicking on Keep Me Signed in, then you have to process
it once more, after that Automatic Whats app becomes open, now whatever
you have on your WhatsApp Account computer You have to bring the
Whatsapp Messenger application in your mobile and log that account in.


Step 3 :-

Now you have to open Whats app in your mobile and you will see a menu
of three dot on the right side, you have to click on it,

WhatsApp Web

Step 4 :-

After clicking, you will see
many options, you have to click on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp web

Step 5 :-

After that your camera will be open, you have to bring the QR Code shown in
the Broswer of the computer in front of the camera, as soon as you bring your
mobile WhatsApp to the computer.

website whatsapp

Step 6 :-

After scanning the QR code from the camera, whats app will be open in the computer.
now you can chat with the help of whats app web on the computer.

what is website for whatsapp

Now you can also operate your Whats app Messenger on your computer and laptop.
This is a new feature of whats app which has been made to use Whats app Messenger
on Browser. There is no need to download the app in this and it allows the user to
send and receive messages directly from their browser.

For Whats app Web, just once Pairing has to be done from your phone,
after that it works automatically.

use of Starred option in whats app Web

do you know what Starred is used in WhatsApp Web. sometimes we have
some important messages which are very useful for us and we use them frequently,
but our chats are so much that sometimes we are unable to find the message, for this
Whats app created this function. We leave our favorite message with a star and
if you want to read that message in future, you can go to Starred and read it with the photo
above, you are told about opening the Starred gallery.

WhatsApp Web Desktop Alerts Feature

Many times we see that whenever we login on WhatsApp Web and whenever
we receive a message, we see Alerts in the bottom corner on the desktop,
which we call Desktop Alerts. Many times we keep working on another
window and we receive a message, then WhatsApp Web keeps alerting us and
we get to know about the message.

If you wish, you can turn off this alert, this function is By default On behalf of
Whats app Web To switch it off, Untick this function, which will stop Alerts
coming to your desktop.

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