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"Online Filmmaking School" is an online medium where anyone can get to know about the process of Filmmaking in hindi through the internet and can also take training of post-production related softwares in Hindi medium.

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Pre-production is the earliest process of filmmaking. Pre-production is the planning process and execution of every task that must take place before production begins. Script writing, storyboarding, casting, costume design are done within the pre-production process. To complete the process of pre-production, there is a pre-production department which consists of Director, Script writer cinematographer, producers, first assistant director, production managers, production coordinators, and location scouts.

Production process is the second stage of filmmaking . The film is mainly shot in the production process. To complete the process of Production, there is a Production department which consists of Director, Actor, Film crew, Production Manager, Production Co-ordinator. Production Runner or Production Assistant, Location Manager, Unit Manager,Catering Crew, Transport Department, Art Department, stunts ,Light Camera, Special effects, make-up.

Post-production process is the final stage of filmmaking . Post-Production refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects, Vfx, color-grading . To complete the process of Post-production, there is a Post-production department which consists of Director, Film Editor, Colorist, Sound Effects Artist, VFX-Artist.

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