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video production agency los angeles ( 2024) updated

In the bustling and glamorous city of Los Angeles, where creativity thrives and dreams are brought to life, the demand for top-notch video production is ever-growing. Whether you’re in the heart of Hollywood or any other vibrant neighborhood, the need for captivating visual content has given rise to a plethora of video production agencies that cater to a diverse range of clients. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best video production agency los angeles , each contributing to the city’s reputation as a global hub for entertainment and media.

1. Matt Roberts & Vill Thomas LLC

Location: 11011 Crenshaw Blvd #204, Inglewood, CA 90303, United States

One of the standout video production services in Inglewood, Matt Roberts & Vill Thomas LLC, is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality content. From corporate videos to creative projects, this agency combines technical expertise with a keen understanding of storytelling.

Services: Comprehensive video production services including pre-production planning, shooting, editing, and post-production. Specializes in both corporate and creative projects.

Facility: Equipped with state-of-the-art filming and editing facilities, ensuring a seamless production process.

2. nelson creative spaces

Location: 13133 Saticoy St, North Hollywood, CA 91605, United States

Situated in North Hollywood, nelson creative spaces offers a unique stage for video productions. Their versatile studios provide an ideal environment for various projects, ensuring that every frame is captured with precision and creativity.

Services: Offers versatile stage facilities in North Hollywood, suitable for a range of projects including film shoots, music videos, and photography sessions.

Facility: Spacious and adaptable studios designed to accommodate various creative needs, equipped with advanced lighting and sound systems.

3. Blumhouse Productions

Location: 2401 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057, United States

As a renowned name in the film industry, Blumhouse Productions has made its mark in the horror genre. Their expertise in video production extends from spine-chilling films to compelling visual storytelling that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

  • Services: Renowned for its expertise in horror film production, providing end-to-end services from script development to final editing.
  • Facility: State-of-the-art production facilities in Los Angeles, designed to create an immersive and chilling experience for horror film enthusiasts.

4. Vendetta Studios

Location: (Address not provided)

Specializing in commercial and viral video production, Vendetta Studios brings a fresh and innovative approach to visual storytelling. With a team of skilled professionals, they aim to create videos that not only promote brands but also leave a lasting impact on viewers.

  • Services: Specializes in commercial and viral video production, offering creative direction, scripting, filming, and post-production services.
  • Facility: Modern studio equipped with the latest filming technology, ensuring high-quality production for commercial and viral content.

5. Tiger House Films

Location: 10401 Wilshire Blvd #702, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States

A company with a passion for commercials and video production, Tiger House Films is committed to delivering top-tier visual content. Their dedication to quality and creativity has earned them a reputation as a go-to agency for compelling storytelling.

  • Services: Provides a range of video production services, including corporate videos, promotional content, and event coverage.
  • Facility: Fully equipped production facility with editing suites, green screen capabilities, and professional-grade filming equipment.

6. ZANE Productions

Location: 8424 Santa Monica Blvd #A735, Los Angeles, CA 90069, United States

ZANE Productions specializes in TV commercials and music video production, adding a touch of glamour to the industry. Situated in West Hollywood, this agency combines artistic vision with technical expertise to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos.

  • Services: Specializes in TV commercial and music video production, offering creative direction, filming, and post-production services.
  • Facility: Studio equipped with advanced filming and editing technology, creating an ideal environment for music video and TV commercial production.

7. JLB Media Productions

Location: 2600 W Olive Ave 5th floor, Burbank, CA 91505, United States

Based in Burbank, JLB Media Productions offers a comprehensive range of video production services. From corporate videos to promotional content, they tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and impactful result.

  • Services: Offers a wide range of video production services, including corporate videos, promotional content, and documentary filmmaking.
  • Facility: Modern studio space with dedicated editing suites, ensuring a streamlined production process from concept to delivery.

8. Edward Bullard

Location: 609 Lookout Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

Edward Bullard, a freelance photographer and video production freelancer, brings a unique perspective to visual storytelling. His work encompasses photography and video production, capturing the essence of various subjects with creativity and finesse.

  • Services: Freelance photography and video production services, specializing in capturing authentic moments and stories.
  • Facility: Operates as a freelance photographer and video producer, with the flexibility to work on location or in various studio settings.

9. Block Of Joy

Location: 7080 Hollywood Blvd STE 1100, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

Block Of Joy is a video production service in the heart of Hollywood, known for its diverse portfolio. Whether it’s a corporate video or a creative project, the agency focuses on bringing joy to every frame, ensuring a positive and engaging viewer experience.

  • Services: Video production services with a focus on creating joyful and engaging content, including commercials, promotional videos, and creative projects.
  • Facility: Well-equipped studio space designed to foster creativity and collaboration, ensuring an enjoyable production experience.

10. Firestone Productions, Inc

Location: 6464 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

Specializing in video production services, Firestone Productions, Inc is committed to delivering excellence. With a focus on innovation and quality, the agency has become a trusted partner for clients seeking impactful visual content.

  • Services: Offers a wide range of video production services, from concept development to final editing, catering to diverse client needs.
  • Facility: State-of-the-art production facilities, providing a professional and efficient environment for video production.

11. Indie Lab Film Studios

Location: 2525 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057, United States

Indie Lab Film Studios is a hub for creative minds, focusing on providing top-notch video production services. Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, the studio offers a space for independent filmmakers and artists to bring their visions to life.

  • Services: Provides studio space and resources for independent filmmakers, offering filming, editing, and post-production services.
  • Facility: Dedicated studio facilities designed to support independent filmmaking projects, fostering a creative and collaborative environment.

12. Hungry Man Productions

Location: 3111 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States

With a reputation for creating captivating commercials and video content, Hungry Man Productions stands out as a leading agency in Los Angeles. Their commitment to storytelling excellence has earned them recognition in the competitive world of video production.

  • Services: Specializes in the production of commercials and engaging video content for a diverse range of clients.
  • Facility: Well-equipped studio with advanced filming and editing capabilities, ensuring the creation of visually striking and impactful content.

13. Super Rad Films

Location: 5900 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

Super Rad Films is a commercial and video production company known for its dynamic and visually striking content. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the agency combines creativity with technical expertise to produce videos that leave a lasting impression.

  • Services: Comprehensive video production services with a focus on creating visually impressive and emotionally resonant content.
  • Facility: State-of-the-art studio space designed for commercial and video production, providing the necessary tools for creative storytelling.

14. Spirinity Productions

Location: 14424 W Magnolia Blvd #108, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, United States

Spirinity Productions, based in Sherman Oaks, specializes in providing high-quality video production services. Their dedicated team focuses on creating visually compelling and emotionally resonant content across various genres.

  • Services: Offers high-quality video production services across various genres, including corporate videos, promotional content, and creative projects.
  • Facility: Fully-equipped studio with advanced filming and editing capabilities, providing a versatile space for producing visually compelling content.

15. Left Productions

Location: 1325 Palmetto St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Left Productions is a video production service in Los Angeles, recognized for its innovative approach to storytelling. The agency’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries has resulted in a portfolio that spans commercials, music videos, and more.

  • Services: Innovative video production services spanning commercials, music videos, and narrative projects.
  • Facility: Studio space designed for creative exploration and collaboration, equipped with cutting-edge technology for efficient production workflows.

16. Beast Video Production Company Los Angeles

Location: 1651 Silverwood Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States

Beast Video Production Company Los Angeles is a film production company known for its diverse range of projects. From documentaries to narrative films, the agency focuses on delivering impactful and thought-provoking content.

  • Services: Film production services covering a range of projects, including documentaries and narrative films.
  • Facility: Equipped with modern filming and editing facilities, ensuring a high standard of production for diverse film projects.

17. Artex Productions

Location: 5440 North Tujunga Ave #617, North Hollywood, CA 91601, United States

Artex Productions, situated in North Hollywood, is a video production service with a focus on delivering creative and visually stunning content. Their team’s expertise lies in crafting engaging videos for various purposes.

  • Services: Offers creative and visually stunning video production services for various purposes, including commercials and promotional content.
  • Facility: Studio space with advanced technology and resources, creating an environment conducive to the production of visually captivating content.

18. HD Video Production

Location: 3175 S Hoover St #494, Los Angeles, CA 90007, United States

HD Video Production stands out for its commitment to delivering high-definition video content. Based in Los Angeles, the agency specializes in creating visually impressive videos for diverse clients and industries.

19. Hurrah Productions

Location: 1110 S Robertson Blvd # 5, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States

Hurrah Productions, also a good video production agency los angeles and situated in Los Angeles, is known for its dynamic and engaging video content. The agency’s focus on innovation and creativity has made it a sought-after partner for clients looking to make a lasting impact.

20. Click Play Films

Location: 7083 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States

Click Play Films is a video production agency los angeles , offering a range of services from commercials to corporate videos. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to client satisfaction, the agency continues to contribute to the city’s vibrant video production landscape.

These are just a few of the top video production agency los angeles, a city that continues to be a driving force in the global entertainment industry. Each agency brings its own unique flair and expertise, contributing to the rich tapestry of visual storytelling that defines the City of Angels. Whether you’re a business looking to create compelling commercials or a filmmaker with a vision, Los Angeles offers a diverse array of video production agencies ready to turn your ideas into captivating reality.

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