Acting schools in Melbourne

Acting schools in Melbourne-2024

Embarking on a journey in the world of acting in Melbourne? This blog post is your guide to the best acting schools in the city! Whether you’re a teenager eager to explore drama or an adult looking to refine your skills, we’ve got you covered. From the historic National Theatre Drama School to the dynamic Peter Sardi’s School of Acting, each of these top-notch acting schools in Melbourne offers something special. Let’s dive into the vibrant acting scene in Melbourne and discover where you can unleash your creativity and learn the ropes of the stage. Get ready to shine in the spotlight at the best acting schools in Melbourne!

The Best Acting Schools in Melbourne, Australia

1. National Theatre Drama School

Situated at 20 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, the National Theatre Drama School is Australia’s oldest and most esteemed actor-training institution. With a rich history, it continues to produce top-tier talents in the world of acting.

2. Peter Sardi’s School Of Acting

Located at 10 Power St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Peter Sardi’s School of Acting is renowned for its dynamic approach to acting education. Offering various courses, it caters to individuals at different stages of their acting careers.

3. Melbourne Teen Actors

Nestled at 33 Saxon St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Melbourne Teen Actors is dedicated to teenagers, providing specialized classes to empower and guide young actors during their formative years.

4. Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia

Situated at 7 Cozens St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia is known for its excellence, offering personalized and intensive training to prepare actors for the challenges of the industry.

5. Acting Performance Studio

Located at Workshop, Room 6/33 Saxon St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Acting Performance Studio provides a diverse range of classes in a supportive environment for actors to explore and expand their abilities.

6. Stage Left Performing Arts School

Stage Left Performing Arts School, with a focus on music theatre classes for ages 4-16, is located in various places. It encourages young talents to act, sing, and dance, all under one roof.

7. NIDA – National Institute of Dramatic Art

Found at Suite 4/152 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006, NIDA is a global powerhouse in dramatic arts education. It offers cutting-edge training in acting, directing, and various other facets of performing arts.

8. The Authentic Acting Academy

Situated at 6 Inkerman St, St Kilda VIC 3182, The Authentic Acting Academy is committed to bringing out the genuine and unique qualities in each actor, fostering authenticity in performance.

9. Australian College of Dramatic Arts

Located at 7 Macquarie Pl, Boronia VIC 3155, ACDA offers a comprehensive curriculum, blending traditional acting methods with contemporary approaches.

10. Apo Arts Academy

Situated at 295 Bank St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Apo Arts Academy stands out for fostering creativity and innovation in the performing arts, providing a platform for aspiring actors to flourish.

More Top-Notch Acting Schools in Melbourne, Australia

11. Stage School Australia Williamstown

Located at Williamstown High School, Pasco Campus, 76 Pasco St, Williamstown VIC 3016, Stage School Australia offers a dynamic environment for budding performers. Known for its commitment to excellence, it provides comprehensive training for students of all ages.

12. Super Speak Drama Classes

Situated at 384A Waverley Rd, Melbourne VIC 3145, Super Speak Drama Classes focuses on developing communication skills through drama. This school is dedicated to helping students express themselves with confidence and creativity.

13. Limelight Drama School

Nestled at 2/22 Broadway, Bonbeach VIC 3196, Limelight Drama School is a hub for theatrical enthusiasts. With a diverse curriculum, it encourages students to explore various facets of drama and express themselves through performance.

14. Australian Centre of Performing Arts (ACOPA)

Located at 14 Raglan St, North Melbourne VIC 3051, ACOPA is a prestigious institution providing a holistic approach to performing arts education. Students benefit from a curriculum that combines traditional and contemporary acting methods.

15. Acting Performance Studio

Found at 4a Malcolm Ct, Narre Warren VIC 3805, Acting Performance Studio is committed to creating a supportive environment for aspiring actors. With a diverse range of classes, it caters to individuals at different stages of their acting journey.

16. Extraordinary Kids – Performing Arts School

Situated at 44 Sweyn St, Balwyn North VIC 3104, Extraordinary Kids focuses on nurturing young talents. Specializing in singing lessons and dancing classes, it provides a comprehensive performing arts education for children.

17. Stage School Australia Brighton – Firbank

Located at Firbank Grammar, 27 Barkly St, Brighton VIC 3186, this branch of Stage School Australia is dedicated to bringing out the best in its students. It offers a range of programs for those keen on exploring the world of performing arts.

18. Act 1 School for Young Actors

Situated at 1 Hiddick Rd, Point Cook VIC 3030, Act 1 School focuses on grooming the next generation of actors. With a commitment to excellence, it provides a supportive environment for young talents to flourish.

19. Action Drama Studio – Greensborough

Found at 14 Church St, Greensborough VIC 3088, Action Drama Studio specializes in acting education. It aims to instill a passion for the dramatic arts in its students, preparing them for various aspects of the entertainment industry.

20. Action Drama Studio – Rosanna

Located at 40/42 Beetham Parade, Rosanna VIC 3084, Action Drama Studio in Rosanna continues the tradition of providing quality acting education. Students benefit from a curriculum that fosters creativity and expression.

21. Schamozzle Drama for Kids

Situated at 59 Francis St, Yarraville VIC 3013, Schamozzle Drama for Kids caters to the younger generation. Focused on creating a fun and engaging learning environment, it introduces children to the joys of drama.

22. Super Speak Drama & Public Speaking Classes

Found at 1A Abbotsford Ave, Malvern East VIC 3145, Super Speak Drama & Public Speaking Classes integrates drama and public speaking. This unique approach helps students build confidence and effective communication skills.

23. Action Drama Studio – Acting

With a location in Ringwood VIC 3134, Action Drama Studio in Ringwood continues its commitment to acting education. Students can explore various facets of acting, preparing them for a versatile career in the industry.

24. Masquerade Performing Arts

Located at 67/69 Intrepid St, Berwick VIC 3806, Masquerade Performing Arts provides a platform for performers to showcase their talents. The school encourages creativity and expression through a range of performing arts disciplines.

25. Centrestage Performing Arts School

Situated at 15 Albert St, Brunswick East VIC 3057, Centrestage Performing Arts School is a hub for performing arts enthusiasts. With a diverse curriculum, it caters to individuals interested in various aspects of the arts.

26. MAPA Australia (Melbourne Academy of Performing Arts)

Found at 140 Hall St, Spotswood VIC 3015, MAPA Australia is a renowned institution offering a comprehensive performing arts education. It prepares students for the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of entertainment.

27. Action Drama Studio – Musical Theatre

Located at 80 Pitt St, Eltham VIC 3095, Action Drama Studio in Eltham focuses on the intricacies of musical theatre. Students receive training that blends acting, singing, and dancing to prepare them for the dynamic world of musical performances.

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